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Are you sure your data backup system is working? 

Don't leave it to chance, our comprehensive Data Protection solution is life insurance for your business

In todays world it is an unfortunate reality that your business data is under constant attack from all directions.  If your company is attacked by malware or suffers a data-loss event of any kind, what will the impact be to your business, and how quickly can you recover? 

We will work with you to create a custom data retention and recovery process that protects your uptime, productivity, confidentiality, and security. With multiple continuous backups we can counter ransomware that locks you out of your data. If a disaster occurs, you will have multiple options for restoring your data and operations.

We can also perform backups of your cloud based systems and data, so you can access your data even if your cloud infrastructure is down. And we will work with you to develop the steps needed in your recovery plan, such as the ability to spin up virtualized restores in the cloud. It’s a complete package that eliminates downtime, enables you to operate during a disaster, and ensures your business is always running, serving clients, and growing.

Key features of
North Central Technologies’
Data Protection package:

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