Providing communication and IT support services to businesses throughout the Fitchburg area for over 20 years.

Your local IT support team!

North Central Tech, based in Townsend MA, specializes in providing computer support and professional IT management services to businesses Throughout North Central Massachusetts.

We understand that each business has its own unique requirements, so we offer customizable service agreements to ensure the best fit and value based on their needs and budget, starting at only $500 per month!

Through our fully managed IT support plan, we serve as our clients’ IT department, providing all services for a flat monthly fee. Our responsibilities include your critical technology and infrastructure, cybersecurity, and technical support.

If you’re considering changing your IT support provider, give us a call for a free, confidential conversation.

Keep your data secure and business running smoothly with our reliable, fully-managed IT services.

See the difference professional support makes

Help Desk Services

Alleviate technology headaches and ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Cyber Security

Cyber security management and monitoring is a critical component of everything we do.


Data Backup

Multiple copies of ALL of your critical data, local and cloud data.

Cloud Services

Complete cloud migration and support, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, Google,  and private cloud solutions.

Onsite Service

We are there when you need us, because sometimes you just need a tech onsite.

Technology Consulting

Align your technology with your business strategy for a competitive edge.


Not your typical computer support shop

We do NOT

Outsource Helpdesk or any other services

All services are performed by employees working from our local offices

We do NOT

Force you into a long term contract

Our service agreements are month to month, with no long term commitment

We do NOT

Insist that you buy hardware from us

You are free to purchase equipment and software from whomever you choose

We do NOT

Keep clients in the dark

You have complete visibility into our systems and activities

We would like to learn more about your IT Support needs.

Let’s talk about your needs, and we will decide together if our services are the right fit.

We will provide more detailed information about our company and services, and we will discuss your current situation, as well as your short and long term goals.

We approach each client with the goal of discovering how you use technology, how it affects your business and identifying potential problems or unmet needs.

We do a deep dive into your infrastructure and create a unique plan for you, with personalized recommendations that fit your budget.

Our service speaks for itself

Assistance was quick and professional, 5 stars
I clicked on an email that I should not have opened. Thank goodness I have North Central Tech ready to swoop in for the rescue! thanks team!!!!
The IT person took  2 minuets to figure out the problem and fixed it !  He was very polite and precise.  Thank you!
Paul is absolutely great do work with
I put in a ticket after hours on Thursday evening and the issue was fixed first thing Friday.
Got me back up and running in no time.
Cameron was the technician who provided the assistance and he was great! Fixed the problem remotely very quickly!
Joel was great.  He kept following up with me to see if I was having any further problems.   He was extremely proactive - which I really appreciate.
quick response and very qualified person handling my issues
Promptly took care of my issue on my schedule.  Very much appreciated!

Are you feeling unappreciated by your current IT vendor?

Are you feeling unappreciated by your current IT vendor?

It’s time to take control and make a change. We understand that replacing an IT vendor can seem daunting, but with our expertise and guidance, it can be a seamless transition. Don’t let your IT vendor hold your business hostage with constant issues and disruptions. Reach out to us for a free consultation on how to protect your business and make a smooth switch. Say goodbye to endless frustration and hello to a new, more effective partnership with North Central Tech.

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