Onsite Service

Because sometimes you just need a technician onsite

Minimizing disruptions is a top priority

In addition to responding to the typical user requests to address issues after they occur, our team can also perform proactive services at your  office that keep your infrastructure running smoothly. The goal is to identify and prevent potential problems before they cause disruptions to your operations. This proactive approach also makes your IT budgeting more stable and predictable.

Minimizing disruption to your operations and employees is a top priority, so we are extremely respectful when we are on site. We provide the most efficient service possible and all of our work is done by full time employees.  Onsite services can be structured on a flat rate basis, with unlimited access with no additional fees, or you can choose to pay as you go and be billed hourly as needed.

If onsite work involves any changes to your systems or configurations, our staff will update our documentation portal with the new info to be sure that our records are always current, which ensures that our entire team has access to the latest knowledge and information about your systems.

Typical Onsite Services :

What Our Customers Are Saying

Prompt response!
Promptly took care of my issue on my schedule.  Very much appreciated!
Quick and prompt service
I put in a ticket after hours on Thursday evening and the issue was fixed first thing Friday.
Excellent job!! I was up and running within about 20 minutes. Thank you so much!!!
I clicked on an email that I should not have opened. Thank goodness I have North Central Tech ready to swoop in for the rescue! thanks team!!!!
Got me back up and running in no time.
Listened well, understood problem and thoroughly solved it and checked for other issues
Joel was great.  He kept following up with me to see if I was having any further problems.   He was extremely proactive - which I really appreciate.
Mike was extremely understanding and patient with me,  very thorough and took the time to demonstrate how to use the software with me.  Very impressed with the service!

Help starts with a conversation

Tell us about your business and we will decide together if our services are the right fit.

We will provide more detailed information about our company and services, and we will discuss your current situation, as well as your short and long term goals.

We approach each client with the goal of discovering how you use technology, how it affects your business and identifying potential shortcomings.

We do a deep dive into your infrastructure and create a unique plan for you, with personalized recommendations that fit your budget.

Schedule your complimentary IT assessment

Get personalized recommendations that fit your budget.

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