Understanding Mobile Device Management

Understanding Mobile Device Management

Often smartphones are a double-edged sword for businesses: on one hand, they are a great money saver if an employee is willing to use their own for business purposes, but this does leave your business vulnerable in a few ways. Fortunately, if the benefits are something you can’t function without, the vulnerabilities are simple enough to shore up with something called mobile device management.

Explaining Mobile Device Management

Also referred to as MDM, mobile device management enables your business to allow its employees to use mobile devices to complete their work responsibilities safely, reducing many of the risks that are associated with mobile computing.

MDM Benefits

By implementing MDM, you could potentially see a variety of benefits, including:

  • Cost Effectiveness – Mobile devices are costlier than ever, and if your organization wants your staff to use mobile to be productive when they are on the go, you may consider purchasing hardware and service plans. For most businesses, however, this is cost prohibitive. With MDM in place, you can take advantage of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy that will allow people to use their personal smartphones for work. 
  • Management Capabilities – In order to protect the business’ assets and network overall, MDM enables an administrator to remotely oversee the security of mobile devices used in an organizational capacity. This helps to make sure that a device doesn’t carry a threat onto the network, and to allow the administrator to see that work-related applications are installed and properly configured.
  • Improved Compliance – Many industries have regulatory standards that they have to stay compliant of. MDM solutions are a key part of maintaining compliance to these standards, allowing organizations more control over their mobile staff. 

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