How Today’s IT Can Help Your Business Operate More Sustainably

How Today’s IT Can Help Your Business Operate More Sustainably

In 1987, the United Nations defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Today, almost 40 years later, businesses have various options to help promote their own sustainability. Let’s discuss just a few options and how we can help you enact them. 

Cloud Storage

It’s basic math: hundreds of servers of varying efficiency will use more energy than one massive, optimized server. So, in addition to the financial predictability that cloud services—cloud-based storage in particular—provide, they also serve as a more energy-efficient option for an environmentally conscious business.

We’ve been advocates of businesses using cloud services for some time and are here to help you do so for your own benefit. In addition to the environmental considerations, cloud storage makes it easier for your team to access and collaborate on your business data from anywhere. Thus, cloud storage makes your business more efficient in more ways than one.

Recycling (More Than You Think)

While paperless technologies have helped considerably, responsibly shredding and recycling documents that are no longer needed can help reduce your impact on the environment… and it doesn’t have to stop there. Ink cartridges from your printers, for instance, can be recycled to help prevent new cartridges from being manufactured and taking up new resources.

Businesses should also seek to recycle older electronic devices. These devices tend to contain hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment. If not properly disposed of, they will remain in landfills and leak these materials into the water, air, and land around them. Recycling them properly allows these materials to be collected and their influence minimized.

Remote Operations

We touched on this earlier, but embracing remote work at every opportunity helps your operations remain sustainable. Today’s mobile technologies and (again) cloud services can facilitate remote work, allowing your office to cut back on electrical utilities and the like and eliminating the commute and its associated emissions. 

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