Some Novel Technologies You Can Use for Your Business

Some Novel Technologies You Can Use for Your Business

Fringe technology refers to innovative and unconventional tech solutions that are not yet mainstream but hold the potential for significant impact. Small businesses can leverage fringe technologies to gain a competitive edge, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. Here are some examples of such novel technology that small businesses can use:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are increasingly popular to provide immersive marketing experiences for potential customers and for a deep, immersive training experience that can help employees better understand their jobs. 


Blockchain technology, the fundamental technology behind cryptocurrency, can be used by organizations looking to secure their transactions, better manage their supply chain, or provide secure digital contracts to their customers. 

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to Internet-connected devices that add value. In business, IoT devices can automate or optimize business operations, help monitor goods, components, or equipment, and improve an organization’s data systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are everywhere in business software today. This technology can enhance customer experiences through improved customer service and support, help personalize marketing efforts, and automate some functions of a business to streamline its processes. 


With security being such an important consideration, biometric technology has become a great tool for businesses to leverage to enhance security. Technologies such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning build a more secure business and can streamline authentication. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing enhances data distribution by processing actions closer to the source of the data. This can reduce latency and improve the performance of information systems. 

Implementation Tips

In order to take advantage of these technologies, you need a direct plan for doing so. Let’s take a look at four variables you should consider.

  • Identify Needs – Determine the challenges or opportunities where these technologies could impact most.
  • Start Small – Begin with pilot projects to test the technology and assess its effectiveness before scaling up.
  • Collaborate –  Partner with tech startups or consultants specializing in these technologies to gain expertise and support.
  • Invest in Training – Ensure your team is trained and comfortable with new technologies to maximize their potential.

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